Specialisation and co-operation

We work in the field of criminal law only, and within it, particularly in business criminal law (corporate, capital investment, taxation and corruption criminal law) and in criminal law in medicine. In view of personal experience in the field of competitive sport, criminal law in sport is another focus of our work.

In matters extending beyond criminal law, we enjoy reliable and efficient collaboration with a number of colleagues specialising in other legal areas and with tax consultants and auditors.

We speak Flag German, Flag English, Flag French, Flag Italian, Flag Hebrew, Flag Arabic and Tamil.

Individual defence

We defend accused parties during all stages of criminal proceedings. We do not shrink from conflict at a trial but are also prepared to compromise in our client’s interest at any time.

Company “defence” and consultancy

We represent companies as co-defendants in criminal proceedings and provide consultancy services on both criminal law and compliance issues.

Further and continued training

We not only keep up to date ourselves through regular advanced training but also act as instructors at advanced training courses.

We regularly publish articles on criminal law, criminal procedural law and tax law and train student lawyers.